May 08, 2021

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You can’t give out love if you don’t love yourself – Dzifa Gray

LifeStyle of Friday, 19 February 2021

Source: e.TV Ghana

Media personality Dzifa Gray

Ghanaian award-winning media personality and entrepreneur, Dzifa Abequaye Gray has asserted that it is important for every individual to love themselves.

Defining what selflove is, she said, “Selflove is simply showering yourself with the same love, care and attention you will show to others”.

Unfortunately for her, she realized how important it was for her to love herself only recently after coming out of a very toxic relationship.

Talking to Eunice Tornyi on e.TV Ghana’s African Women’s Voices, she stated, “I was always busy showing everyone around me love and taking care of them. It got to the point I even forgot to take care of myself. Although these people kept insisting that I do”.

For her, the mistake most people do while loving themselves is they end up giving out all the love to others because “most of the time doing that gives them joy”.

“Everyone deserves to be loved and be happy so don’t forget to give yourself as much love as you give to others”, she said.

She believes that it becomes very hard to take good care of yourself when you decide to pay attention to the people around you more.

Citing herself as an example she said, “I have so much responsibility that I tend to pay more attention to that than I do myself”.

She advised listeners to give themselves some break, to love and care for themselves because they deserve it.

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