April 20, 2021

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Yaa Yaa reveals how she got to perform at 3 Music Awards

Entertainment of Friday, 26 March 2021

Source: e.TV Ghana

play videoHighlife singer and songwriter, Yaa Yaa

Highlife singer and songwriter, Yaa Yaa, has talked about how she landed the opportunity to perform her single ‘No running’ at the 3 Music Awards Women’s Brunch.

Interviewed on the Late Nite Celebrity Show by Foster Romanus on e.TV Ghana, Yaa Yaa shared that the whole idea to perform ‘No running’ at an award show came up to her during her ‘Agoo’ album listening last year.

“Last year when we were doing the album listening before going to perfect the album, I was speaking to one of the people I invited whose name is Beat Menace Kofi and I told him that I really want to sing ‘No running’ to open an awards show or any of those sporting events like the World Cup.

He said he had the perfect person to call for that so he got in touch with Sadiq of 3 Music Awards and he drove from wherever he was to our end. When he came, we played the song for him and he said this is a song for 3 Music Awards”, Yaa Yaa narrated.

According to her, the song was supposed to open last year’s edition of the awards show but that could not happen due to the coronavirus pandemic, hence Sadiq got in touch again this year and offered her the platform at the Women’s Brunch so she could do the performance.

The ‘Kae’ hitmaker mentioned that she is extremely grateful for being honoured with such a “ground-breaking opportunity as that”.

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