September 19, 2019

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Who Killed Libia Episode 155 Update on Friday 24th May 2019

Who Killed Libia Episode 155 Update on Friday 24th May 2019

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Gabriela holds in her hands some documents which she thinks will solve all off her problems by getting the properties back from Sofia and her father Augustin in case Sofia is unable to prove to the court who among the three little girls is her real daughter and showing it to Sofia, she goes shocked but still thinks she shouldn’t get worried about her mum’s statement at all because she just want to pull her legs.
Father Teddy warns Fernando to be very careful because vengeance is of the lord because he will surely pay for all the wrongs, he’s committed but it looks like Fernando careless about what Father said and rather ridicules father Teddy about the statement he made.

Wofa Vincent rebukes his three cousins thus the Osei brothers for how nowadays they have been making such impulse and childish decisions in their lives and making things complicated and bringing more problems in their lives. All this is because he feels very disappointed in them because due to stupid decisions, they are now separated from the women they love all because of their doubts and he assures them that Bernard Elizondo didn’t kill their parents and so they should stop thinking absurdly. 

Rosendo goes to see John to tell him that never will Sofia send someone to do evil to him by taking the cattle into their farms to destroy the crops but rather he should think of one person who is capable of doing that evil against him and that will be no one than Fernando. John then agrees with him and Rosendo calms him down and ask him to stop being rigid and angry towards Sofia if not, he might lose her for good. 

John tells Rosendo that Bernardo is the man who killed his parents but Rosendo refuses to accept that and John tells him that the person who killed his parents had a belt with a snake symbol as the hook and the belt was brought to him by Sofia herself. Rosendo then remembers right away that the belt that John is describing was Ricardo’s and not Bernardo, but remains silent and decides to tell father Teddy instead. Father then asks him to tell the world because many people are suffering due to Gabriela’s lies and Rosendo tells him that if he does that, John is very impulsive and could confront Ricardo and a tragedy could happen and he doesn’t want to be the cause but promise to say the truth out to them at the right time. 

Juliana is ready to make love with John, but moves away after remembering the great love Sofia truly has for John and she tells him that he doesn’t have to make love with her because now she understands that Sofia loves for him is more than she ever imagined, so, he asks him to look for Sofia and be happy with her because she truly loves him very much than she does. Juliana’s dad then congratulates her for making the right decision and not forcing John to do anything that could have caused a great uneasiness between them and Juliana also says she looks happy for not destroying the love between John and Sofia because she wouldn’t have been able to look john in his face.

A doctor’s report proves that Rigo can’t give birth and so he decides to divorce Eugenia so she can go look for another man so he can have many child with him but Eugenia tells him that she was in love with Benito when they got married, but now she loves him very much and if she has to give up motherhood to love him alone, she will. 

Ghansah proposes love to Sarah and she agrees to go steady with him and he kisses her.
Same vein, Oscar also goes to see Jemima to asks him if she doesn’t love him anymore and that is why she was kissing Romeo and she says she loves really do him, but their love is pointless now so, they should be apart forever and shouldn’t look for her anymore. 

Mary Osei is seriously ill, so John and Sofia take her to the hospital and there, John tells Sofia that he loves her in spite of everything; she also claims to love him too even if fate is set on separating them and pain is their only link but John refuse it in Jesus’s name.

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