May 23, 2019

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Who Killed Libia Episode 142 Update on Sunday 21st April 2019


Sofia and her sisters also arrive later on to the party and coincidentally meet the brothers and as they get to see how they mingle with the girls, they get jealous and cause a whole lot of commotion.
Fernando expresses to Raquel that now that all the Elizondo’s properties are in the hands of Sofia, Gabby is really in a hot soup and doesn’t know what to do to acquire them back and Raquel giggles and states to him that there’s no way Sofia can achieve those properties no matter what and that Gabby herself isn’t even aware of that fact. Fernando then finds Raquel’s statement quite confusing and when he asks what she meant by that, she refuses to open up and tells him she’ll disclose it later.

Mr. Augustine asks Gabby to give him a chance to work with her as a team in other to make things right in the hacienda since Fernando isn’t available but she strongly states to him that there’s no way they can team up because they’re always going to disagree on certain decisions and she has also made her mind to make changes in Bernardo’s will and never to allow anyone take away what she has toiled for.

Fernando continues with his conversation with Raquel and he makes mention that Gabby told him John’s late father was madly in love with her and Raquel laughs and tells him Gabby told a big lie because John’s late father only had eyes for his wife Maria Libia. He then asks Raquel if she knew the Osei family vey well and she replies that it was Ricardo who used to be close to them but he later developed some kind of hatred for John’s father but she didn’t really know if Ricardo had interest in Maria Libia because his hatred for John’s father was unimaginable.

Gabby unhappily sits in her steady thinking about her past and begins to wonder as to why she was never loved by any man because neither Bernardo nor John’s late father showed her any amount of love and aside that too, Fernando takes her for granted.

Mr. Augustine alerts Sofia about her mother’s plan to make changes in the will if she’s unable to identify her own daughter among the three and she makes him to understand that she doesn’t mind giving up everything to her mother because she doesn’t see the properties as a priority compared to the three children she has and Augustine tells her she sounds funny and has no idea about what she’s saying.

Eva speaks to John to consider and not mistake Sofia for the things her father did even though she strongly doubts Bernardo is capable of murder and he painfully explain to her that he can’t do anything about it because he’s just following a promise he made to his parents but deep within, he still loves Sofia like never before and Eva mentions she doesn’t understand why they keep on suffering each and every day when they both have a very kind heart and she consoles John to take heart.

Mr. Augustine asks Gabby if she’s now ok knowing that Sofia will be giving up on the properties and focus on the children and she gladly replies that she knew perfectly that Sofia was going to take that decision so she’s not surprised. Augustine then pleads with her to at least consider her daughters a bit but she tells him she can’t do anything because she advised them not to marry poor people and they did, so it wouldn’t be her fault if they should end up with nothing and Augustine shakes his head.

Sofia goes to plead with John to spare them some water for their land because al their crops are dying and he tells her he’ll have to consult his brothers first and if they agree, then they’ll gladly spare them some. Oscar and Franco then agrees to Sofia’s request after John spoke to convince them but Gabby gets to quarrel with John as she sees him on her compound and he changes his mind on giving them the water by telling Sofia that her mother pissed him off.

A woman suddenly pops up with a surprise to Mr. Augustine and she introduces herself as Serwaa and Augustine becomes super excited to see her after so many years and they express to each other how much they missed themselves and she tells him she’s back for real and Gabby stares at them from afar wondering who she could be.

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