February 27, 2021

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We fought, blocked each other on social media but still performed together – Keche recounts

Entertainment of Thursday, 11 February 2021

Source: www.ghanaweb.com

play videoGhanaian Hip-life music group, Keche

Hip-life music duo ‘Keche’ has recalled a point in time where they both performed on the same stage together despite being at loggerheads.

In an interview with Accra-based Onua 95.1FM, the ‘No Dulling’ crooners established that although they had a misunderstanding prior to the event, they managed to keep a calm composure and entertained their fans throughout.

“We could go a whole month without talking to each other. There was a time we were on the same stage but we weren’t on good terms for a month. For instance, when we have three or four shows within a month, we play them all right but do not talk to each other. As far as money is involved, we will do it. We can go as far as blocking each other and still perform on same stage.”

They, however, noted that irrespective of their differences they still have respect for their work as a group.

“That is the respect we give to the brand and company. It’s a company we both work for so even if we’ll have to fake smiles to our fans, we’ll do it,” they added.

It can be recalled that during an interview with CiTi TV’s Jessica Opare Saforo sometime back in 2019, the Ghanaian music duo, disclosed that they once fought over the same woman.

“We fought once over a woman. It started in a flight. We were going to Amsterdam, I was just going through the chats I had with the lady and Andrew saw it and got angry,” They told Jessica in that particular interview.

The music group signed a record deal with Golden Empire Legacy in April 2019, a company owned by Keche Andrew’s wife, Joana Gyan.

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