April 20, 2021

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Twitch 4EVA recruits Nigeria’s Oxlade for ‘Chaskele’ remix

Music of Friday, 2 April 2021

Source: Francis Amissah, Contributor

Musician Twitch 4EVA

After releasing his triumphant debut EP ‘LOST’ in 2020, fans have grown into the project with personal favorites and one outstanding song was ‘Chaskele’ – months on and he starts 2021 with a remix for the song.

Produced by Ground Up Chale in-house engineer, Rayf, the song breathes a new verse from Nigeria’s Oxlade, whose smooth vocals help uplift the heartbreak theme the song comes with.

The crooner sings his heart out in this beautiful piece asking his woman not to break his heart. The mid-tempo love song sees both artists burst their windpipes to profess their love.

‘Chaskele’ is a Ghanaian bat and ball game played between two players; with that analogy, Twitch 4EVA asks that his heart is not played with like such game. Oxlade brought his A-game on this new one.

‘Chaskele’ is definitely a song that speaks to lovers to stick to each other in times of needs and hardships.

Twitch 4EVA continues to set himself apart as one of the best new artists crossing over from West Africa into the global music landscape and with millions of plays already under his belt, he’s certainly one to watch.

 Listen to the song via this link.

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