March 26, 2023

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Twist Klodin Unveils Classic Urban #BraveCollection Ahead Of The Holiday Season

Twist Klodin Unveils Classic Urban #BraveCollection Ahead Of The Holiday Season

With just few months to the Xmas Holidays, Twist Klodin has bounced back with a collection of mindblowing designs for all your outings this season.

Chief Executive Officer of Twist Klodin, Habib Ali, tells ModernGhana these series of classic urban design is the #BraveCollection brand lined up for places going people.

This indeed represents natural raw artistic creative personality and a talent revealed as Habib Ali and his Twist Klodin brand based in Accra, Ghana.

Habib Ali is able to express ideas in sketches that suits top modern African designs of today.

As a matter of fact, he possesses some inimitable skills for combining colours, tones and shades with fabrics and use of textiles bringing into light creative and original designs to suit all preferences.

He is one designer of a kind who collects, preserves, and interprets fashion objects and support materials with outstanding design of merit.

Habib Ali and his Twist Klodin have indeed come to stay and all fashion lovers and pundits in the industry should watch out for him.

Connect with him on these social media platforms:
Facebook Twist klodin, Habib Ali
Twitter Handle @twist klodin
Google+ Twistkloding2016
Instagram Twistklodin
Email: [email protected]
Twist Klodin
WhatsApp: 0241 715460
Phone Call: 0578 725531

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