June 05, 2023

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Toyota Ghana holds 2017 users conference in Accra

Toyota, Ghana on Friday held the 2017 Toyota users conference in line with Toyota’s policy of getting closer to customers and to thank them for their continues patronage of their product.

The conference which was on the theme: “Ever better through authorised dealer”, was to explain to customers the importance of buying their favourite Toyota model from Toyota Ghana.

Mr Takuya Kajiura, Managing Director, Toyota Ghana said the goal of Toyota Ghana is to create lifetime customers for the company, while delivering the best purchasing and ownership experience.

He said by this they strive to take full care of customers always, through continuous improvement of established systems to promote sustainable growth.

He said the conference also signifies how Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) valued Ghana customers, and would serve as a platform to listen to customer concerns and how best to address them to guarantee satisfaction.

Mr Kajiura said the company believes that the advancement of Toyota Ghana should be parallel to that of Ghana and as such continue to contribute their quota to education, health, road safety and environment.

He said as responsible corporate citizens they work to be accepted by the society in which they operate, and have achieved a lot both locally and internationally.

Dr Eric Dako, Executive Director, TMC Toyota said cars are the second most expensive single thing to find in a household and should always give customers the peace of mind, adding that the best car to own is one that all the game players including manufacturers, distributors and dealers place the customer first in their minds.

He said at Toyota Ghana the customer first principle is deeply rooted in every aspect, by putting the customer in the driver’s seat even before the car is produced.

“Customer first means producing and delivering the right vehicle, right customer, right region, right condition and at the right time.”

Dr Dako said the company also takes into consideration the road conditions, weather conditions, technological conditions, fuel quality, off factory installations before approving the use of certain vehicles in certain regions.

He urged customers to get the right vehicle, assuring them that Toyota uses authorized dealers to get the best vehicles purchase and ownership experience to customers in every region.

Madam Ayako Koizumi, TMC said Toyota was formed about 80 years ago, operates in over 170 countries worldwide with a manufacturing base in 28 countries.

She said they always try to produce the highest quality vehicle by ensuring that quality is built in during the manufacturing process and test them before distributing.

She urged customers to ensure to get the right vehicle, genuine spare parts and superior after sale support by continuing to purchase from Toyota Ghana.

Source: ghananewsagency.org

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