June 03, 2023

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Too Much Sex Caused Bukom Banku’s Defeat

Bukom Banku 

A member of the Hare Krishna Movement, Jnana Chaksus Das, has attributed Bukom Banku’s 7th round technical knockout by Bastie Samir in last Saturday’s boxing to ‘too much sex.’

According to him, the controversial boxer who openly boasts of the number of women he has been sleeping with, does not have enough energy to concentrate on the fight as a result of constant and uncontrolled sex.

Braimah Kamoko, popularly known as Bukom Banku, was embarrassingly beaten by Bastie Samir, aka ‘The Beast’ in their Cruiserweight non-title fight at the ultramodern Bukom boxing arena.

Bukom Banku had promised to knock his opponent out in the 6th round but was sent to the canvas in the 7th round by ‘The Beast.’

There have since been different reasons attached to his defeat.

While some boxing enthusiasts think he had met a better opponent, others, especially his fans, are blaming his defeat on Bastie Samir using black magic popularly called ‘juju.’

Although Bukom Banku himself has laughed off that suggestion, there are those who believe that there is some amount of truth in the claim.

But Chaksus Das, who is popularly referred to as the ‘Spiritual Master,’ told Kofi TV that having listened to Bukom   Banku and how he boasts of his sexual escapades, he could only associate his defeat to too much sex.

The spiritualist said “as a boxer, too much sex does not help as it minimises one’s energy, irrespective of how aggressive you are.”

He however, did not rule out the fact that there are spiritual underpinnings which control the physical world.


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