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There will be positive phenomenal change, equity under my leadership – Dr. Yamba.

Politics of Thursday, 13 February 2020

Source: Senyalah Castro, Contributor

Dr. Musa Yamba Issahaku

Dr. Musah Yamba Issahaku, one of the Parliamentary aspirants in the upcoming New Patriotic Party (NPP) primaries in the Nalerigu-Gambaga constituency of the North East Region has, with his candidature, assured to bring phenomenal change and fairness to transform and propel the NPP to victory in this year’s general elections.

He said the party at the constituency level had gotten to a time when there was the need for a paradigm shift in the style of leadership and the baton given to new and experienced hands such as his.

Dr. Yamba who made the statements in his manifesto after he picked nomination forms last week Thursday, said his leadership style when elected the Parliamentary candidate of the constituency will unbiased, down-to-earth and will recognize the efforts of hardworking members who play pivotal roles in party activities and growth.

“There is certainly going to be a dramatic paradigm shift in Leadership style if I get the nod to lead the Party as the Parliamentary Candidate of the NPP in the Nalerigu-Gambaga Constituency. My Leadership style would be informed by my conviction that Party executives, from the electoral areas to the Constituency level, and ardent party faithful must be recognized and rewarded bountifully if the great NPP is to evolve into the greatest Political Party we all envision”.

Dr. Yamba said his leadership, which stands for development and respect for all, will with personal resources set up an award scheme to reward and motivate party members to give off their best to strengthen chances of the party as it prepares for the 2020 general elections.

He made it clear that the scheme will be in favour of all party members irrespective of education, tribe and language.

“Permit me to state, without any scintilla of doubt in my mind that I would be establishing this award scheme with my personal seed money. This award scheme, which will be called the Party Heroes Award (PHA) would take effect immediately when I am elected as the NPP Parliamentary Candidate for Nalerigu-Gambaga Constituency. This award scheme would be rewarded to hardworking Party faithful.

There is the urgent need to establish an award scheme within the Constituency to recognize, reward and award both party officials and ordinary party faithful who play extraordinary roles as far as Party organization is concerned.

It is my well-considered believe that this token of appreciation to diligent Party members would not only motivate them to work harder but also give the needed impetus and motivation to others to work even harder for the Party to go several notches higher. There will be no form of discrimination notwithstanding your language or tribe. Any set up that does not recognize its hero is not worth dying for”. He stressed.

Dr. Yamba said he would also set up the Party Pensioners Support Scheme (PPSS) immediately he is given the nod as Parliamentary candidate, to offer support to aged party members who were once actively involved in its affairs and contributed enormously to the party.

“Relatedly, I have observed rather painfully that so many old Party folks who dedicated their lives to the course of the NPP during their youthful days have been ignored by the Party in the twilight of their lives – a time when they need our support the most. In this connection, I am going to establish the Party Pensioners support scheme (PPSS) with my personal purse to fill this yawning gap.” He hinted.

Well thought out businesses, he said, will also be created within the constituency to give employment opportunities to the party faithful so as to sustain and make the NPP formidable.

He also pledged to equitably distribute support items that are sent from party headquarters regardless of zones, areas and villages.

“Permit me to state without mincing words that under my leadership, goodies and booties and other support systems that are sent down from the headquarters of the Party would be distributed equitably and holistically among Party members regardless of the Village, zone, area, you come from. When I hold the baton of leadership there will be no any form of discrimination notwithstanding your language or tribe.”

While calling on delegates to vote massively for his candidature, he stated his commitment to strengthen party unity in the constituency and win back the hearts of those who have left the party for a resounding victory in election 2020.

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