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The groom not responsible for the bride’s wedding gown – George Lutterodt

Entertainment of Monday, 2 March 2020

Source: rainbowradioonline.com

George Lutterodt

Controversial marriage counselor, George Lutterodt has said the man is not responsible for buying a wedding gown for his would-be wife.

The counselor is also of the view that the reception after a marriage ceremony must not be sponsored by the man but rather, the lady’s family.

He explained there is a role every woman and her family must play when it comes to marriage.

He told Sokoohemaa Kukua on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm that the man is only responsible for the list provided by the family of the lady he is about marrying.

The situation where the groom and bride buy attires for their best men and bride’s maids he added is also not proper.

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