March 30, 2023

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Sports: Mesmerizing clip shows all 5 Phoenix Suns players running perfectly in-sync to start a fastbreak

The NBA regular season kicked off this week, and amid exciting plays and brutal injuries, perhaps the most talked-about clip thus far is a mesmerizing fastbreak by the Phoenix Suns.

In the first quarter, Suns guard Eric Bledsoe picked off a pass from Portland Trail Blazers guard Pat Connaughton.

The Suns all began racing down court the other way, but it had an odd symmetry, as all five players began running at the exact same moment.

Watch the play below:

Perhaps the highlight only looks as mesmerizing as it does because all five players first stepped with their left foot. Either way, the resulting play looked like a glitch in a video game.

Unfortunately, it didn’t help the Suns — they lost 124-76, the largest loss on opening night in NBA history.

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