June 05, 2023

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Social media claims of contamination of products baseless – Pepsi

Renowned global beverage manufacturer Pepsi Ghana says a discredited social media post claiming some of its products have been contaminated is baseless and mischievous. 

A cursory look at the post, Pepsi says, indicates to even the most casual observer that it lacks credibility and is impracticable. 

A post on social media whose origins have not been ascertained has claimed that some of Pepsi’s beverages have been contaminated by a staff. 

The post bears all the marks of fake news which is a major concern for governments in the developed world. 

Pepsi says it ordinarily would have ignored the falsehood and plain fabrications contained in the post but for the fact that some of its well-wishers and cherished customers have expressed concern that a few unsuspecting consumers may be deceived. 

Georgina Pomaa Agyei, HR Manager, Pepsi Ghana, told journalists she was concerned the obvious and palpable fabrication was being shared on social media. 

As an internationally recognised brand, she said, Pepsi produces its beverages in strict compliance with the quality control standards of its parent company, PepsiCo founded in the United States in 1898. 

She said it is practically impossible for humans to contaminate the drink in the manner claimed by the fabricated social media post. 

The conditions under which Pepsi is produced, she emphasised, do not lend themselves to such contamination. 

This is the reason the company in its almost 120-year history, has not recorded any contamination of any of its food and beverages produced for millions of people across the world, the HR Manager pointed out. 

Georgina Agyei said Ghana’s regulatory authorities such as the Food and Drugs Authority regularly visits the company’s manufacturing plants to certify that they are producing under proper conditions. 

No breaches, she maintained, has ever been found by any of these institutions. 

Moreso, the kind of contamination being claimed in the post is only possible in blood-to-blood infection and cannot be possible through liquids such as carbonated drinks. 

According to her, Pepsi’s reputation as a socially responsible company transacting business in a responsible manner is not in doubt. 

She said the post should, therefore, be treated with the contempt that it deserves since it is nothing but a malicious, false post by faceless people. 

Meanwhile, the company is together with the International Police Organisation, Interpol, looking into the motivation for the false and malicious post.

Credit: MyJoyOnline.com

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