June 03, 2023

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Selective Outrage, Crazy ‘gods’ And The Case Of The 4 year Old Defiled Girl – Lydia Forson Writes

It’s my birthday week and I decided to try my best to ONLY focus on things that bring me joy.

Unfortunately I cannot unsee the injustice that plagues this country; and my happiness can’t cover it up. 

So this piece isn’t well thought out and may not even make sense, because I’m having to pause from the euphoria I’m in and address something although many find unthinkable, is very common in our country.

Here it goes;

A 4 year old has been defiled and the “gods” don’t think she’s worth fighting for.

The dogs I mean gods have declared her rapist innocent, but couldn’t find the real culprit with the same power.


But here’s the thing, the “gods” are just men who’ve managed to skillfully use the fear of religion, tradition and culture to get away with barbaric behaviour.

The gods are every single one of us who’s stood by and done nothing whenever a victim of any kind of assault has come forward.

The gods are the social media thugs who chastise any woman for speaking against the system.

The gods are the nonchalant policemen who aren’t enraged enough to go after a rapist.

The gods are the law makers who make it possible for rapist to get away with such crimes.

The gods are the judges who give a rapist little to no jail time.

The gods are ministers who believe women need to dress appropriately to prevent rape.

The gods are the media that give rapist platforms.

But there’s more…

The gods are those who’ve managed to create an imaginary face of how victims should look like and therefore ONLY sympathize when the VICTIMfits that image.

The gods are those who believe that ONLY the vulnerable child can be raped and not the adult woman who probably asked for it by dressing provocatively or should have been able to defend herself.

The gods are people who’ve managed to categorize rape, and condemn/defend it based on how they feel about the victim in question.

The gods are/have been all of us at some point.

People who use their position of power and voice to determine whether an act should be punishable, believable or acceptable.

You see, until we fight against the system that gives “gods” power to manipulate a situation to suite their agenda; we’ll just continue to feed it.

Perpetuators have the luxury of abusing their victims, walking away and leaving us to pick up the pieces.

They continue to pleasure themselves at our expense because we’re always going to be more interested in taking care of the damage they leave behind than STOPPING them from doing it in the first place.

And no matter how generous you are, there will always be someone who needs help you can’t provide.

Because like it or not, there are many more Jessica’s out there, those who suffer in silence, go unnoticed and leave this world with not so much as a whisper dedicated to the atrocities they faced.

Those Jessica’s need us to create and an environment that prevents this in the first place, one that punishes the offender and protects the victim; if not we’ll just be running around in circles and dancing to the tune of the “gods“. 

But how do we when every women’s advocacy group has been reduced to a conversation about a home cooked meal, a submissive wife and a humblewoman.

How do we do so when you’re supposed to politely asked for our women/children to be protected.

How do we do so when you’re not supposed to be angry in our approach, lick the balls of our abusers and all but beg them to stop abusing us.

How do we when you don’t want to acknowledge the real cause of the problem and  focus only on branches that will grow back again.

Lets start with the root.

CUT it OFF!!!!!!

If if you want to help Below is how :

We are raising funds to do a reconstructive surgery for the 4yr old who was defiled in Assin. Click Here to Donate

Please support a worthy cause  You can also support via Vodafone cash 0207961973


Email or call the ministry of Gender in Ghana.

[email protected]

Call: +233 302 688 181/7/4

Flood their email and phone lines!
That’s action.
Ask what is being done about Jessica’s case.
Even if your email is as short as, “Help jessica”, it’s action.
And yes, pressure works.
If you can download an app, you can call and send an email.
The more emails and calls, the better. It will make them uncomfortable enough to actually do something.

I am counting on you.
Jessica is counting on you.
Your kids and future kids are counting on you.
Your nieces and nephews you love so much are counting on you to use your technology for a positive thing.
What Ghana are they going to inherit?

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