March 29, 2023

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Sam George Writes: NDC! When Would Our So Called Big Men Learn ?

NDC! When would we learn? When would our so called big men learn that you don’t speak into every microphone thrust in your face? When would they know that our collective survival supersedes their personal agenda?

You need not be a political connoisseur to see that the NPP using its media apparatchiks only throw out this monkey wrench called Kwesi Botchway report when they have their backs to the wall? Can we not simply be disciplined enough not to fan this needless flame?

How does the KB report address the escalating price of fuel at the pumps or the failure of government to reduce electricity tariffs as promised? How does the KB report address the soaring price of food commodities or provide desks and chairs for children sitting on blocks in our Senior High Schools?

Does discussing the KB report address the corruption at BOST or the fraud called GhanaPostGPS or the clamping down of Free Speech? Can we get our priorities right as a Party or we would continue to major in minors and minor in majors? Let’s get our acts together and have some coordination. Can somebody, anyone show Leadership at the ‘top’? How much longer do we need to continue with the self inflicted damage being done?

As for me, there’s a 2020 election and we MUST begin to think about that and show Ghanaians we have learnt from our errors of the past and why we are the better alternative going forward. Even the dysfunctional government and its operatives are thinking ahead so what excuse do we have? Big men, please stop talking to the media on needless issues and rather focus your energies on thinking up strategies aimed at galvanizing our base for the task ahead.

Good evening!


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