August 15, 2022

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Renault Ghana’s giant vision, tech-rich showroom to enhance consumer power

Exclusive distributor of Renault vehicles in Ghana, Premium Motors has solidified its position in the market by commissioning a technology-rich showroom and two new SUVs.

The new showroom, fitted with the latest state-of-the-art equipment, is aimed at enhancing the power of the automobile consumer. It is located at Kaneshie Atiko Junction in Accra.

It re-echoes Renault’s mantra, Passion for Life.

Premium Motors CEO, Jihad Hijazi told Tuesday, the facility was designed for tomorrow’s buyer.

“It is a showroom that is full of innovation, designed for the savvy consumers to come and experience the product itself before they purchase it,” he testified about the facility christened Renault Store.

The showroom is clean and has an uncluttered space with a 3D Configurator as well as colour pallet that affords consumers the opportunity to design vehicles to their specification.

The Renault Store gives consumers a sneak peek at the micro-elements of the vehicles they will like to purchase and delivery is done right inside there.

Renault Ghana CEO, Jihad Hijaz

Mr Hijazi captured the experience when he said: “we are selling you not just a product to take you from A to B, but a product you will be passionate about.”

Renault vision for Ghana

The Renault experience is a piece of the grand vision of the global brand aimed at bringing comfort to families around the world.

The Renault Group made up of a crucial alliance is globally the most sought after brand by automobile users, selling more than other vehicles.

A passionate Mr Hijazi said the vision of the brand is to maintain the best position and to ensure that it provides very safe and affordable solution for anyone who wants to buy a vehicle in the country.

Renault Kadjar and Koleos

Renault has confirmed its commitment to its new focus by introducing two new SUVs onto the Ghanaian market.

The Renault Kadjar and Koleos were also unveiled at the grand opening of the high-tech showroom.

Renault Kadjar

Mr Hijazi referred to the two new vehicles as the “Cinderellas of the market.”

He explained the value that the consumer gets from the products is worth more than what others are offering in the market.

“It is not a car that we are selling, it is an emotional tool,” he told the reporter.

Renault Koleos

The Renault Kadjar Dynamique is a five-seater SUV with a 1,200cc Turbo Charged and GDI 4-Cylinder Petrol Engine. It consumes less fuel which means that on an average, consumers will be able to save about 40 percent on fuel.

The Renault Koleos Dynamique is also a five-seater SUV with 2,500cc CVT and MPI 4-Cylinder 175hp Petrol Engine.

Renault Koleos Engine

The two vehicles have blind spot detection systems, tire pressure monitoring systems, navigations systems and very fancy lightening mood that helps the user to change the mood of the vehicle.

The theme of the dashboards could be changed to digital, depending on the needs of the user. They have hands free parking system that helps the user to bark some instruction for the vehicle to automatically park.

Renault Koleos

These specifications among others cost from $30,000 to $40,000 but the equivalent in the market will not cost less than $90,000, Mr Hijazi said.

Solidifying the brand

The two new vehicles and the high-tech showroom help to solidify the brand Renault in Ghana.

Premium Motors Marketing Manager, Shirry Borketey Manison is optimistic the brand face-lift will help to drive sales for the company.

Renault Ghana Marketing Manager, Shirry Borketey Manison

“This year our vision was to make the brand visible and make it acceptable in the country by introducing new modules,” he expressed satisfaction in the work done so far.

He talked about the Logan, Sandero and SUV modules, which he said are moderately priced for every profession and age bracket.

In terms of payment plan, Mr Manison said the company has put in place a team of credit officers, whose job it is to determine the credit-worthiness of clients.

“When you walk in, we will access your credit worthiness and if you qualify you do part payment and the rest is spread over a year,” he said of consumers who might not be able to make full payment.

With a giant vision to make vehicle ownership in the country an easy one as well as churning out products that are emotional, Premium Motors CEO is confident the brand has come to stay.

“Renault is here to stay. We are here to serve every Ghanaian,” Mr Hijazi said.


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