June 05, 2023

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Reggie Rockstone Takes A Dig At Ghanaians ‘Desperately’ Seeking Visas To America

Ghana’s hip life Grand papa, Reggie Rockstone has taken a dig at some Ghanaians who troop to the American Embassy just to secure their visas to enable them leave the country to seek greener pastures.

In a video posted on his Instagram page, the member of music group, VVIP bemoaned the rate at which some Ghanaians would do everything in their power just to secure an American visa.

The music maestro made mockery of the situation and revealed that if he disguised himself as a ‘Bible pimp’ and offered people special prayers to secure visas, they would gladly pay for his services.

The musician wondered why after being carted in huge boats into slavery abroad, some people were still willing to move heaven and earth to make it back to America.

The rapper revealed that he was scared to return to America due to the recent media reports related to the country.

He went on to insinuate that travelling to America was not all that rosy as many people thought it was.

He however revealed that many people would learn their ‘lesson’ only when they get to America to find out the true state of things for themselves.

The musician recently also took a swipe at the Ghanaians who were in support of Nivea’s advertisement which sought to promote bleaching.

He chastised the people who were against Fuse ODG’s “Pull it down” campaign.

He revealed that he had lived outside the country for a while and he was well aware of the many schemes that companies outside the country used in selling their products and making their money.

The VVIP group member insinuated that Africans and for that matter, Ghanaians did not have to allow themselves to be ‘bamboozled by the Westerners.

Over the week, the musician marked 16 years of marriage to his wife and made a post to show his love and appreciation to his darling wife to sticking with him through thick and thin.


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