June 03, 2023

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“Prince Mackay’s Tears On Stacy’s Restoration Show Was Fake”

CEO of Big Events Ghana, Prince Mackay’s tear on Stacy Amoateng’s Restoration show has received divergent reaction from the public.

Whilst some feel sorry for him after listening to his plight on the show, many others believe he shed crocodile tears on the show. One of the many Ghanaians who believe Mackay faked the tears when having a conversation with Stacy on her show is Hitz FM presenter and entertainment critic, Prince Tsegah.

The Don as he is fondly called on Hitz FM’s showbiz filla entertainment show hosted by Amanda Jissih and monitored by Zionfelix.net opined that the boss of RTP Awards shed tears of sorrow that are insincere to win public sympathy.

Prince Tsegah described Mackay’s agony he shared on the show as a sob story. He later explained sob story as a tale told to win public sympathy but has no truth.

Mr. Tsegah made it clear on the show that “I doubt if this story is really true. Mackay say what? The way he loves money how will he allow someone to run away with his cash? I’m even surprised he failed to mention the person’s name. I doubt if this story is true, you don’t have any name to mention”

He then challenged Prince Mackay to name the individual who run away with the ticket proceeds of the 2012 RTP Awards as he said on Restoration show.

“Me I don’t believe you. He is lying, he just wants Stacy to  host this year’s awards for him for free” Prince Tsegah said on the show Monday afternoon.

Prince Mackay on Stacy’s Restoration show disclosed that a member of his team who was in charge of his gate fees for the 2012 edition of the awards runaway with the proceeds. Prince continued that the person whose name he did not mention gave him excuses when he approached him to make accounts after the event.

The boss of RTP awards added that he was informed two days later that the person had traveled to United States of America with earnings from the tickets of RTP Awards he sold for that year. To him, most Ghanaians thought he made enough cash from the awards that year due to its success, but he did not receive a penny from the income.

Watch Mackay cry on Stacy’s Restoration show below:

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