June 09, 2023

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Politics: Ronan Farrow skipped his sister’s wedding to report the Harvey Weinstein expose

Ronan Farrow made some personal sacrifices to report out his bombshell New Yorker investigation on Harvey Weinstein’s pattern of predatory sexual harassment.

Two people familiar with the situation confirmed to Business Insider that Farrow missed his sister Quincy Farrow’s wedding on October 7, as he was racing to finish his story.

Just two days earlier, The New York Times had revealed in an investigation Weinstein’s pattern of sexual harassment, and The New Yorker was close to finishing its own expose on Weinstein, which the magazine published several days later on October 10.

Sources said there are no hard feelings between the two siblings.

Farrow’s path to publishing the story was arduous.

Though he remained an NBC contributor, Farrow faced a number of barriers when he tried to report the story at NBC News.

Network executives believed that despite interviews with multiple women and his acquisition of an audio tape in which Weinstein admitted to groping a model, he did not have enough evidence to publish his story.

According to HuffPost, when NBC tried to stop him from shooting an interview with a victim who agreed to speak on camera, Farrow paid out of his own pocket for a TV crew.

The New Yorker story has reinvigorated interest among television executives in Farrow’s journalism career, several years after his weekly daytime show on MSNBC was canceled amid a broad lineup change.

Page Six reported that multiple television networks including CNN, ABC, and CBS are all pursuing contracts with Farrow, who has spent the last several years working with NBC’s investigative team.

Farrow declined to comment.


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