March 30, 2023

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Politicians Lie In Front Of Pulpit – Bishop

The Presiding Bishop of Victory Bible Church International, Bishop N. A Tarkie Yarboi has stated that politicians have been deceiving and lying to Christians in front of the pulpit without shame.

He described most politicians as liars since they enter the church calmly with sweet talks when they want power but change their tone when in power.

Bishop Yarboi who was preaching at an annual homecoming programme dubbed ‘Wonderful Jesus’ at Awoshie, a suburb of Accra pointed out that “it was through religion and politics that led to Christ’s crucifixion.

“I don’t trust these politicians when during election campaigns they come and stand here to plead for votes, but refuse to pass here when they win power,” he lamented.

“What new message do they confess when they come here, we will eradicate, build infrastructure, fight corruption and we have been hearing this same message again and again,” Bishop Yarboi said.

He encouraged more Christians to enter into politics and other ventures to make a difference.

Bishop Yarboi indicated that the church’s vision is to raise foundation for future generations and admonished Christians not to be materialistic but focus on saving the world from violence.

He noted that he has a problem with those who criticise tithes and offerings for the church.

“Someone was arguing about the church becoming money conscious so I asked him to give me monthly earnings of footballers and I asked him whether anybody sees a problem with that then the argument seized” and reiterated that the church needs money to reach the world for Christ.

He advised Christians to stop becoming only heaven conscious but work hard to take over the world because God wants his will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Bishop Yarboi called on the congregants to heal the sick, perform miracles since Jesus said if we believe, we will do more than He did.

“Christians must rise up and fight against poverty, diseases, violence and wickedness because we are the salt and light of the world,” he said.

Bishop Yarboi noted that God has not taken us away since we got born again because He has work for us to do on earth.

He advised Christians to stop singing songs like: this world is not our home, we are going Heaven knows where we are going, we are marching to Zion and others because we have work to do in the world.


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