February 27, 2021

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People don’t know my struggles before the limelight – DJ Vyrusky

Entertainment of Sunday, 24 January 2021

Source: Doreen Avio, Contributor

Award-winning Disk Jockey DJ Vyrusky says the perception sometimes people have about him shows that they do not know the struggles he had to go through before he is where he is now.

According to DJ Vyrusky, most people think he had a smooth journey to fame which is not so.

Speaking in an exclusive interview on Let’s Talk Showbiz with Doreen Avio, DJ Vyrusky says he has gone through a lot in building a career for himself and had also played Gigs at parts of the country and even did not care about taking money at the initial part of his career.

“I always tell people that, if I was a white a ‘white’ kid, I would have been smarter. Sometimes the only thing that hurts me is that I did not capture some of the moments before I became Vyrusky. People got to know me when I became ‘Vyrusky’ but they did not get to experience the struggles. They just see you as the ‘Dadaba Boy’ that got the opportunity to play for the big brands and he is Vyrusky because of that, but they did not get to experience Me with Mzvee in Sunyani, me turning up shows in the Northern Region, the Volta Region playing for crowds,” he said.

DJ Vyrusky also revealed how he got into disk Jockey. The award-winning DJ says he got introduced to DJing by a friend.

“To be frank, I never thought of becoming a DJ. It never crossed my mind, any day and anytime. It was university first year that I met a guy called Rex. I was in a choir called the CBC choir, where I met Rex who taught me how to use the Virtual DJ to play Gospel music. That’s how I started the process of DJing because I learnt how to mix songs on the Virtual DJ and they were Gospel Songs,” he said.

According to him, He started playing the Virtual DJ, which made him popular on campus.

“Anytime there was a drink-up, they would ask me to play. I became pretty popular on campus because of the whole campus DJing,” he recounted.

As a DJ, Vyrusky is known for his signature use of authentic Ghanaian music like highlife for mixes and has perfected over the years to produce his debut single ‘Number’. Featuring Kojo Cue and Kuami Eugene. DJ Vyrusky has won lots of awards including the Overall DJ of the year 3 times at the Ghana DJ Awards.

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