March 26, 2023

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Patron CEO meets Calos Helu Slim to discuss business and investment in Ghana

It is the dream of every young, ambitious and enterprising businessman in the country to cross paths with some of the world’s most revered and wealthiest people; but to share a table with a 70-billion-dollar rated man and discuss business opportunities with him is nothing short of a glamorous miracle and a big dream come true.

Such was the feeling that engulfed the CEO of Patron Management Group, Dickson Tsrasaku when he met the 6th richest man on earth according to Forbes rankings, Calos Helu Slim at the 2017 Mexico Business Summit.

The Mexican Business Summit is an annual event that brings together business magnates from Mexico and other nations to deliberate on key business issues affecting business across the globe, create business platforms and develop networks with potential partners. Dickson Tsrasaku took full advantage of the platform by holding meetings with key industry players about the prospects of doing investment in Ghana.

Dickson described his meeting with the Mexican billionaire as a fruitful one that allowed him to sell Ghana to him and also hint at the several business opportunities that abound in the country. The meeting was centred on creating a trade and investment plan that will inure to the benefit of both Dickson and the billionaire.

He indicated that he was overwhelmed by the humility, respect and genuine nature of the man who related to him as if he has known him for a long period and that after his discourse with the billionaire, it was realized that they both share common business values, interests and goals.

“Calos Helu Slim and I met again for the 2nd time in 48 hours. We discussed business and investment as two business partners in the same league with a common vision and interests. He called me “Patron” and I was shocked by his humility, respect and love for people. He doesn’t come across as an opinionated person but rather an open-minded person who has an ear for all people”, Dickson Tsrasaku said.

Dickson also expressed optimism that the meeting with the successful billionaire would herald the beginning of a solid and mutual partnership between Calos Helu Slim and Patron Management Group,


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