June 03, 2023

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Our mobile money service is robust – Vodafone

Vodafone Ghana has assured customers that its mobile money service is robust and provides no avenue for fraudulent activities on its network.

Media reports in recent weeks have highlighted alleged fraudulent activities on some mobile money platforms in the country.

Whilst no comment has been made about Vodafone in relation to these issues, the company says it has the duty to assure current and potential customers that the Vodafone Cash service is robust and not susceptible to fraud.

The company says the security measures and restrictive processes put in place make it impossible for successful exploitation either from actors within or without.

Mobile Financial Services Manager at Vodafone Ghana, Carl Ashie says: “We take our commitment to customers very seriously and recognise that they need safety and security when using our platform. We have therefore taken steps to make the service foolproof by ensuring that our agents have no direct access to customer records unless authorised by the customer.

“We have deployed in Ghana, the same system that is used by our sister company, Safaricom in Kenya, which for the past ten years has revolutionised the payments sector in East Africa. Vodafone currently boasts of 33 million active customers. We assure our customers that they can securely transact using the Vodafone Cash platform, which boasts an uptime of 99.99 percent. We also advise customers to adhere to the processes meant to protect their funds such as loading their own wallet at the agent point.”

Vodafone’s mobile money service continues to experience a steady growth since its inception in Ghana a year-and-half ago.

The service ensures strict compliance with effective customer security such as using first names to ensure customer privacy; tracking and dismissing non-compliant agents and ensuring that cash-out transactions are only initiated by the customer.

Source: Vodafone Ghana

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