March 26, 2023

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Omane Boamah Likens ‘Leaked’ Botchwey Report To “Dust On The Shoes Of a School Boy” 

Former Communications Minister, Dr. Edward Omane Boamah says the NDC has not released the Kwesi Botchwey committee report.

According to him, a reply from the party hierarchy demanding a copy of the report through his lawyers after an alleged copy of the report somewhat blamed him for the party’s defeat stated that “NDC hasn’t released any such report”.

Dr. Omane Boamah who was responding to recent allegations by a section of the media said that “the content of what people are reading out there can at best be described as dust on the shoes of a school boy who has closed from school and has gone to play football on a pitch that has no grass.”

Read his full response:

“……but, before I start let me express my disappointment that at least it’s on record that NDC hasn’t released any such report,…and for your information I made my lawyer write to the party to request for a copy of the report ,…and I was informed through a response that they haven’t released any such report,…so at best, those who are saying they’ve the report should make it available…And I thought that since u were going to discuss it,.. and you knew the names of those u were going to talk about, would have contacted them and at least let them refuse a response, that as it may, I am approaching my response to what u ‘ve put out ,..based on the fact that NDC hasn’t released any report but because u’ve put my name out there in the public domain, I’m just going to respond to the substance of it,..

Let me take it from the decision that has been taken recently and I think it’s already in the public domain . . . that decision states that, we’re doing away with the biometric registration system as a party, what does that got to do with Dr Omane Boamah? . . . again, if anybody says, Mr Dogbe and I made the president believe that he was more popular than the party, . . where is that proof? . . . , Again let me add, even though I was minister for communication in charge of government communication, a true party man I made sure that there was a platform called the NATIONAL COMMUNICATION HIERARCHY which had the National communication officer, his deputies, the regional communication officers of all the Ten (10) regions and every information that was released to the public, we made a special case to put it on that platform with the view that it could also percolate down, down to the grassroots,…And so all I’m saying is, but for the fact that u ‘re discussing it I would not have responded,..that is not also to say that this is the official report of the party,..but I’m basically given these responses as crisp as they are to demonstrate that the content of what u’re reading can at best be described as dust on the shoes of a school boy who has closed from school and has gone to play football on a pitch that has no grass….”


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