March 26, 2023

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Obaapa Christy Duped Me And My Family – Mother Of Wannabe Gospel Muscians Cries Out

Obaapa Christy Duped Me And My Family – Mother Of Wannabe Gospel Muscians Cries Out

An Italian-based Ghanaian mother, Mrs. Kate Cudjo, has accused evergreen gospel diva, Obaapa Christy of defrauding her and her daughter some Ghanaian cedis.

The said amount was paid to Obaapa Christy based on an agreement that she would feature Mrs. Cudjo’s daughter, Patricia Agyeman, who is also a budding gospel musician based in France in her (Christy’s) music recordings.

Obaapa Christy is reported to have collected the money from the family years ago with the idea of featuring and nurturing then 16year old Patricia Agyemang in her songs however, she failed to fulfill her part of the agreement.

Mother narrates:
We are based in Italy when we saw the God given talent in Patricia Agyemang 10 years ago (2007), then we decided to come to Ghana to record her songs, but Pat made us aware of her love for then “Christiana Love” so would love her to be on her songs.

We called Christiana Love and informed her of our decision of which she agreed to feature in her songs, so arrangement were made to meet her at her former husband’s church premises.

With her terms and conditions to feature the Pat’s song, under the condition, she charged a sum of ghc 3,000 which involves video clips, launching of the album (even in abroad). Christiana Love calculated all cost incur from the 9 songs from studio to CD’s of which I paid all instantly.

Christiana Love made me aware that she will give Patricia 2 songs in addition to the 9 at the tune of Ghc 2,000 but I declined the offer of which she insisted on the offer but later I accepted because people around me told I don’t know the nature of the gospel music industry so I should accept and pay her later.

She made me aware that sound engineers “RORO” NACEE and one other in Kumasi will be responsible for the production of the songs and paid all the expenses.

Now it’s time to take the recorded CD’S to start the shooting of the music video but Christiana Love stated categorically that she will not hand over the CD’S to me.

She was tossing me here and there, not knowing she had informed “RORO” that I’m owing her Ghc 2,000 and if I don’t pay she won’t hand over the CD’s to me. She didn’t also make me aware of paying that Ghc 2,000 to her before handing the CD’s to me.

Later, her husband gave me the CD’s of 8 songs instead of the agreed 9 songs and asked me to pay half of the money of which I paid Ghc 500 and had to sell some of the CD’s to raise the remaining balance for Christiana Love.

She never shot the video clip for us, and till now we haven’t heard from her either.

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