March 29, 2023

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 NDC Members Do Not Read – Dept. Masloc Boss

Maame Afia Akoto

Maame Afia Akoto

Deputy Director of Microfinance and Small Loans Centre, Maame Afia Akoto has revealed on Agoo TV’s Yensempa show that some officials of the National democratic Congress made poor judgements and caused the country loss of money because they did not like reading.

According to her, there was no justification for certain actions taken by the some officials of the previous administration and it was hard to determine if certain deals and contracts were signed to favour the country which those officials were supposed to be serving.

The staunch member of the new patriotic Party said the NDC has overtime confirmed the assertion by vice president Bawumai that officials of the NDC do not read.

“Vice president Bawumia has been vindicated over time of accusing officials of the NDC of not reading. It is clearly evident they do not read because a contract like Ameri deal signed by Dr Kwabena Donkor would not have gone through if they had researched.” She said

She explained that she could not phantom how the leader of the delegation who were responsible for signing the deal could comeback two years after to tell Ghanaians he did not research into the terms of the deal he signed on behalf of the country.

“ If Kwabena Donkor is telling us today that he did not get the chance to research on the deal and the monies involved, then it means he has agreed to causing financial loss to the country.” She told host Bonohene Baffour Awuah

Her comments follows a comment made by the former Energy minister, Dr. Kwabena Donkor, who said he did not personally do a background research on the AMERI deal prior to its signing in 2015.

Speaking at Parliament’s Mines and Energy Committee Friday, Dr Kwabena Donkor said an international lending institution that issued the letter of credit (LC) conducted the checks on the deal.

According to her, some members of the former administration have lost the opportunity to criticise the Nana Addo Led government because their actions in government run down the country and there was no way they could make up for it.

The AMERI deal signed by the erstwhile administration during the country’s power crisis has in recent time generated lots of controversies following a motion filed by Adansi Asokwa MP, K.T Hammond who filed an urgent motion to have the deal reviewed. According to the him, he has in possession some documents which pointed to some breaches in the deal signed by the former administration.

Maame Afia Akoto has however called on the minority to apologize to parliament for the series of boycotts last week following the revelation made by the former Power minister who has accused himself of not doing the necessary research prior to the signing of the deal.

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