June 09, 2023

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Muslim youth urged to create positive mind-set towards entrepreneurship

Mr Abdulai Issaka, a Lecturer Department of Marketing, Valley View University, has asked the youth, especially Muslims to create a positive mindset needed to succeed as entrepreneurs.

He said this was necessary as unemployment still remains one of the biggest challenges faced by the country and therefore needed all hands on deck to come out with good initiatives to make them succeed in life.

Mr Issaka was speaking at the 50th-anniversary ceremony of the Ghana Muslim Mission Youth (GMMY) in Accra on the theme “Unity and Capacity Building in the Development of the Muslim Youth.”

The Lecturer said the world was changing at a faster pace and the only way out was to churn out entrepreneurs who would change the face of the country and the economy by creating more jobs.

Mr Issaka noted that opportunities abound in the entrepreneurial sector but cautioned that, it involves challenges and needed people who are consistent and willing to stand the test of time to make it in the field.

“Entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity are not the preserve of the developed world but for everyone; one needs the mind-set of an entrepreneur to be able to tap into the advantages,” he stated.

He, therefore, encouraged the youth to always have a clear and achievable vision when an idea comes to mind, and note that resources needed to start an initiative are not under their control.

He said to be able to achieve success one must have a level of self-motivation, the willingness to take calculated risk, be willing to listen to others, have lack of fear of failure and the willingness to work hard.

These, according to Mr Issaka would enable the youth especially the Muslim youth triumph and create an economy full of jobs.

He said one’s academic prowess and intelligence are not the necessities for success in life but rather a proper mindset towards entrepreneurship was the key and urged all to adopt the initiative.

“You can do it so just give it a try,” he said.

Dr Sheikh Amin Bonsu, the National Chairman of the Ghana Muslim Mission urged the youth to use their youthfulness to continue to affirm their belief in Allah.

“Make sure you do your ibada and through your Jihad propagate the dean because that is what makes you grow in the sight of the almighty Allah,” he said.

He also advised the youth to stand in unity by mobilising themselves to enable them achieve success in this world and the hereafter.

Mr Mohammed Abdul Bashiru, a Graduate and an Entrepreneur, also advised the youth to always have faith in whatever they embark on and also conduct halal businesses for Allah to bless their efforts.

“Keep your morals high and be trustworthy, these he said are the fundamentals for having successful businesses”.

Source: ghananewsagency.org

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