March 30, 2023

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MP tells government to ensure value for money in its procurement

Member of Parliament for Assin South, Rev. John Ntim Fordjour, has asked government to ensure there is value for money in all its procurement dealings. He said procuring items using certificate of urgency does not mean there should not be a value for money assessment by government before entering into any contract.

Rev, Ntim Fordjour was commenting on the 510 million-dollar AMERI power deal signed by the government in 2015; a deal that has been described as questionable which the Majority members of parliament are seeking to have it cancelled.

The Adansi Asokwa MP, Kwabena Tahir Hammond filed a motion to have the 300MW of emergency power deal cancelled on the basis that AMERI made some misrepresentations to have the agreement approved by parliament.

But the Minority in parliament has challenged the Majority to go to court if it was fraudulent.

Appearing on the newspaper segment of TV3 New Day on Monday Mr Ntim Fordjour said “it is not out of place to review the Ameri Deal”.

“It is proper to ensure that in procuring for urgent solution, value for money is not brushed over because some very serious misrepresentations have come out of the deal.

“Under the condition of urgency, Ghana was shortchanged. Ameri is a businessman and they will protect their interest and we must protect our interest. The one to protect the interest of the people of Ghana is the government and Parliament” he said.

Rev Ntim Fordjour said there were misrepresentations and irregularities in the deal, which he said suggest that the country shortchanged hence “it is the duty of parliament to rectify it”.

For instance he said there were non-disclosures in the deal, for which reason government must enter into a review and not necessarily abrogation.

“Urgent motion seeks to remove the rectification of the Ameri deal and does not necessarily seek to abrogate”, he explained.

On his part, Member of Parliament for Adaklu Kwame Agbodza, said “The government can say we have a problem with Ameri deal but must come to Parliament and we shall deal with that.

I am not against people asking about the Ameri deal but if a government wants to review it, come to parliament”. Mr. Agbodza said cabinet must rather come to Parliament and not individuals.



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