March 29, 2023

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MP Drags Minister Before Parliament Over Road

Member of Parliament (MP) for Aowin constituency in the Western Region, Mr Mathias Kwame Ntow, has called on the Minister of Roads and Highways to appear before the Committee of the Whole of Parliament to explain why works on the Enchi to Dadieso road has halted.

According to him, the road from Enchi to Dadieso has become a death trap waiting to kill innocent citizens who ply that route.

Speaking to Today at his office in Parliament in Accra yesterday, the Aowin MP hinted that due to the poor road network in the constituency, business activities have decreased thus affecting the living standards of his constituents and Ghana as a whole.

Mr Ntow further explained that the Aowin district was one of the biggest cocoa producing areas in the country and yet roads leading to the communities were in very poor state.

According to him, farmers in the catchment areas were having a tough time carting their farm produce to towns and city centres.

The MP could not understand why such a strategic and economic road should be abandoned, especially in a cocoa session, where dry cocoa beans need to be sent to marketing centres by cars and trucks.

According to him, he filed his request to have the roads and highway minister appear before the House to answer such pressing issues about six months ago but was denied the opportunity which was his right.

Ministers appearing before the House to answer questions is enshrined in our Standing Orders. It is mandatory not optional so why should I be denied my right,” Mr Ntow lamented.

He told Today that he has been assured by the leadership that his question has been filed and the minister was billed to appear before the House on Friday, 27th October, 2017 to respond to his questions.

In this regard, the Aowin lawmaker called on the Akufo-Addo-led government to give priority to roads in cocoa growing areas which he noted will help improve cocoa production.


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