September 19, 2019

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Meri Aashiqui Episode 360 Update on Monday 27th May 2019

Meri Aashiqui Episode 360 Update on Monday 27th May 2019

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Ishaani was shocked at Milan gives her the gift box and asks her to wear it. He insists on her to go in while she still resisted. He sends the selfies with Ishaani to his men.
Ranveer prayed for Ishaani to be saved. He shouted to get freed. Milan’s men come to him, they ask him not to shout as their boss’s wedding night has begun. They say his voice won’t reach his Ishaani today. They show him Milan’s selfie with Ishaani. Ranveer is shocked to see this, he prays that Ishaani gets to know that she isn’t with him but someone else. The men show him the gift as well. Ranveer is curt. The men say that all that is Ranveer’s is their boss’s today.

Ishaani opens the box and is shocked to find the lingerie. She thinks that Ranveer had told her that day that it was only joke, he said he likes her in any dress that she likes to wear. Then why he wants her to wear this. Milan awaited Ishaani with a drink in hand. Ishaani gets upset that is it necessary that tonight a wife must do anything a husband asks to. She says she knows this isn’t Ranveer’s thinking, but why is he behaving so odd. She wonders if she must wear it or not.

Disha says to Lakshmi that she respects Parul, but she wants Parul to stay away from Manas. Parul is attracted to Manas, Disha says she loves Manas a lot and they aren’t going to get separated. Will Parul get Manas ever? Lakshmi says she never wanted Parul to marry a married guy, whose wife had left him. She asks if she won’t want that her only daughter marries the love of her life. Disha says that she must marry Parul to a good guy, the more time they take more difficult it will be for Parul and her to reply to world as well. Lakshmi says she is right.

Milan waits for Ishaani outside in the room getting restless. The door opens, Milan turns to see Ishaani and is shocked to see her wrapped in a white cloth all over. She comes to him uncomfortably. Milan asks what is she draped in, then gets she is shy of her husband. He says that is good to be a bit shy and gets to bed asking if she liked his gift. Ishaani doesn’t reply. Milan asks her not to be shy anymore and remove the cloth.

Ranveer struggles vigorously with his chains.
Ishaani goes towards the bed, back to back with Milan. She held the cloth tightly and removes the cloth finally to reveal the night gown. Milan asks if she has removed it, Ishaani turns towards him. Milan turns around and is shocked to see her in gown. He gets angry and asks her what this is, why she didn’t wear what he had given her. Ishaani asks why was that needed, he said to her that he likes her what she likes to wear. Milan says he didn’t say anything like that. He says it is his wedding today, she is his wife and why should he imagine something if she is there in front of him. Ishaani tries to calm him down, but he asks why he should talk to her when she didn’t hear anything he had asked for. If she has to come to him, she must come in what he had given her. Ishaani cries and says this is her, she hadn’t expected this all on her wedding night, she hadn’t imagined it. She had loved the simplicity of Ranveer, and it seems he isn’t the one she knows. Milan says neither she knew him nor will. She must wear what she likes and celebrate the wedding night alone.

Ranveer thinks he must get out to save Ishaani from that villain.
Ishaani tries to stop Milan, saying she got nervous like any girl. She says I am sorry, I shouldn’t have talked like this atleast tonight and hugs Milan. He smiles victoriously.
Ranveer throws the drums away.

Milan gets away from Ishaani. Ishaani asks him to give atleast one smile, else she will start crying again. He smiles at her. Ishaani tells him to let go, and moves towards bed herself.
Ranveer was enraged, the men run to him but he struggles with them and pushes them all away shouting at them to open him up and let him go.
Ishaani goes to sit up on bed.

Ranveer shouted at the men to call Milan here. The men beat him hard, punching him in stomach. One of them got an injection again, Ranveer pushed him back again but he puts in the injection.

PRECAP: Milan shows Ranveer lip marks on his neck saying Ishaani isn’t what she seems to be. Ranveer says Ishaani is such a pure soul, he can’t have slept with her, she would know by his touch only that he isn’t Ranveer but some stranger.

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