June 03, 2023

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Members Desert Church Of Pastor Who Always References Shatta Wale In His Sermons

Dansoman-based Prophet, Adam Nsiah has bemoaned in a recent interview that, people have stopped coming to his church because of his love for Shatta Wale.

The Founder and leader of Divine Miracle Church located in Dansoman in a phone interview with this blog said, he has almost all his church members.

According to the mournful preacher, he always uses Shatta Wale in most of his sermons but unfortunately this didn’t help his ministry.

He said, “…. Shatta Wale is undoubtedly a great musician and for this reason, I mostly used him in my preaching. Unfortunately, I started to lose members and now my church is almost empty.”

When asked why he is attributing the decrease in his church’s membership to Shatta Wale, Prophet Adam Nsiah said, he got the feedbacks from his members.

“You see, most of the members cautioned me about the constant mentioning of Shatta Wale in my sermons but I did not listen to them. Now, I realize I lost my members because of Shatta Wale,” h retorted.

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