March 29, 2023

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Mayhem At Volta Region’s Middle League

Mayhem At Volta Region’s Middle League

The battle for a Volta regional representatives was cagey and keenly contested over the weekend at the Ho sports stadium.

When four (4) top teams representing various zones in the region engaged each other for the prestigious slot in to division one League (DOL).

The competition which lasted for three days witnessed two matches a day.

Day one saw representative of the Central Zone, Home Stars FC defeating representative from the North Likpe heroes by 3-1 whiles a lone goal separated two southern representatives from A and B, respectively i.e. Agbozume Weavers and Adidome Unity Stars.

Day two was a wakeup call for Agbozume Weavers (the oldest club in the region) as they returned to winning ways to beat Home Stars by a lone goal and Likpe Heroes lost yet again to Adidome Unity Stars keeping their hopes alive for a possible promotion to DOL.

Meanwhile Adidome Unity Stars victory over Agbozume Weavers on the first day has been challenged by latter as they claimed to have spotted an unqualified when the two met hence a protest. This development has left many wondering as to how the champion would be determined aside what was seen on the field of play during day one.

Amidst the protest, the Regional Football Association (RFA) had no option than to continue with the game on the last day of the three day event which saw Agbozume Weavers beat Likpe by a lone goal

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