September 19, 2019

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Madhubala Episode 526 Update on Monday 27th May 2019

Madhubala Episode 526 Update on Monday 27th May 2019

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Part 1

Madhu rushes home and is by Radhas side n asks the matter? Radha says all is well

Radha asks how her job is? Madhu is speechless …

Radha says glad Madhu is here am gonna be ok! Radha asks how is Madhus boss? Madhu says he is very nice and takes care of me!

Bittu calls Madhu aside ..! Madhu asks what doc said? Bittu says we need to operate! Madhu asks whats the problem? Bittu says.. we have to give 5 lacs …i have 2 lacs! Madhu says have 40 thousand.. n start operation ? Bittu says doc wants full amount ..

Madhu says will arrange somehow . lemme talk to Doc..

Doc tells Madhu Radha will be fine .after operation! Madhu says. .can give half amount… can u start? Doc hesitates..! Madhu says she is my world …cant live without her…

Doc says.. operation amount is deposited! Madhu is shocked…

Doc says i thot u did it. but..! She says to bring Radha fast…

Madhu starts to discuss the sequence of events and thanks Mopu and PK ..! She gets a yellow rose.. from a ward boy ..! Madhu wonders who sent it?

She gets a letter reading ‘I am sorry’ ..! Madhu wonders who its from

Ye phool … mere phool ko de dena…
Keh dena.. ye phool ..tere fool ne bheja hai ..
Madhu says reading this.. i feel like a fool …who is this?

AK says.. gave up? Guess!

She turns n sees AK …

AK says dun say anything.. lemme say .. ! He gives her a yellow rose

He says sorry.. u were hurt coz of me n my family … ! But after today.. nothing like this will happen!

Madhu starts to talk n AK shushes her ..!

He takes out his heart and puts at Madhu’s feet n says .. from now ..’meri har ek dua mein . .meri har khushi mein .. main tumhara sath chahta hun’ .. aab agar dil dhadakne ki koi waja hai woh sirf tum ho …

Madhu is smitten! All think they are watching shooting…

Madhu asks if he is telling the truth? AK says yes.. i Love u ..!

Madhu says ur acting? AK says.. this is true.. and winds start blowing.. flower petals fall on AK-Madhu ..!

Madhu gets down on her knees and asks if he really? and blushes..! She asks if this is real? Not a dream? A doc is about to walk between them n Madhu stops him .. n protects the place where AK put his heart.. ! AK smiles.. ! Madhu takes the heart n accepts it..

Crowd gathers n AK says lets move from here ..

Duo are in car.. Madhu thinks of past

AK says.. am sitting in front of u.. no need to dream of me.! Madhu says this is like a dream..

Madhu says u gave me ur whole heart.. din it hurt? AK says that song.. dil deke darde .. n Madhu says.. maine pyaar kiya ..

AK is changing gears and his hand is on Madhus .. n they hold hands..! AK says.. aab agar hath chod diya hai. to chodna mat!

Part 2

Madhu asks to stop car and AK says sorry..

Madhu says my home is here…! AK says lemme drop u off at home..! Madhu self thot … no ways if Bittu sees.. then?

Madhu says have to go to grocery store… and AK says lemme go along with u.. will be our first date..! Madhu says no .. n asks him to go ppl will talk seeing them!

AK says.. so tell Radha about us and Madhu says once she is better will do it..! Bye

Madhu turns and dupatta gets caught in car door n she flips n falls in his arms..! Eyelocks..! Madhu turns to leave.. AK says ur dupatta.. n Madhu says keep it.. will take later

AK asks u coming to Mum? Madhu says ‘Itna udhar diya hai.. wapas to aana hi padega’ .. Madhu is holding AK’s heart in her hands..!

Precap —- AK turns to enter the hosp Radha is in and sees Bittu there… and then Madhu and Radha..! He glares and fumes..! 

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