March 30, 2023

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Lydia Forson Shares Story Of Surviving Surgery – PHOTO

Today I want to thank God, by celebrating these people who he’s strategically placed in my life at nearly every turn to see me through the worst.

My mother : Mum, where would my life be without you? I was so naive to just how much I needed you, especially through this, but as usual you were right. For weeks I became your baby girl again, crying and needing you by my side. You put your own pain aside and focused all your energy on nursing me back to health; watching you limp back forth and not being able to help tore me up inside. But you refused to stop until I was back on my feet; so thank you mum for being strong enough for both of us, for hiding your own fears, and being my rock.

My Father : Dad, your calmness and comforting words through this period helped me out of a frightening and dark place. On the days when I was too afraid to tell anyone how I really felt, you were the one I trusted with those feelings of doubt. Thanks for using this to try even in the smallest way to make up for the many years we’ve lost apart. And opening a new chapter in our relationship.

My brothers: Sam and Manny, I really don’t know how I got so lucky to have brothers who make me the center of their universe. I felt the frustration of wanting to be by my side, but what you don’t know is I felt you there with me even from thousands of miles away. The long nights you stayed up with me on FaceTime, especially when I couldn’t sleep were so precious to me, if I come back in another life I want you as my brothers over and over again.

My friends : GGW girls, I see you. Thanks for the calls, phone credit ( yes you know yourselves), fruits and just continuously checking up on me. To Yvonne and Sandra, thanks for sneaking in the “good stuff”, to Gwen, doing what you did for me especially in my moment of need is something I will never forget. To Euphemia, thanks for being the sister I never had, and being someone I can always count on to make me feel better. To the many others I can’t mention by name,thank you for listening to my fears and joining me to laugh them away. But most importantly thanks for being friends with a handful like me.

My Doctors : Dr. Bilson, thank you for being the exception to the rule, for making me so confident in your work that I trusted you with my life. Thank you for not being the ordinary and for listening to my all concerns and fears, especially those I thought were just in my head.But most importantly thanks for going the extra mile.

Dr. Delase Amedoh ( I just needed to write your full name) : Imagine it took surgery for me to finally see you as a doctor.  ? But thank you for holding my hand as I cried like a baby. That’s an image I wish I could erase from your mind but it’s one I’ll forever cherish.

To my fans : You were with me every step of my healing process without knowing, you gave me something to constantly look forward to on my hospital bed. Some of your comments, especially your words of encouragement, support and love even when you didn’t know what I was going through.

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