April 22, 2021

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Lord Sani celebrates wife on her 30th birthday

LifeStyle of Friday, 26 March 2021

Source: ghana crusader.com

Young business mogul, Lord Ibrahim Sani with his wife and kids

Young business mogul, Lord Ibrahim Sani, the Chief Executive Officer of Sani Group Limited, has openly displaced ample affection for his beloved wife, Ohenewaa Sani, who celebrates her 30th birthday on March 27.

“My beloved wife, my best friend, happy birthday. I love you,” Lord Sani wrote in a message to his wife to mark the significant milestone.

The love laced message to Ohenewaa, which was posted on social media, was accompanied with two beautiful photos of the queen of the business mogul.

Lord Sani, is a Ghanaian resident in the United Kingdom (UK) with vast interests in the real estate sectors in the UK, Ghana and other West African countries.

He returned to live permanently in Ghana and help build the country a few years ago.

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