March 30, 2023

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Leave Unsupportive Husbands – Osaah Tells Female Gospel Act

She is good-looking and highly desirous of carrying on God’s work through music but there is one thing Gospel singer, Osaah Special, won’t hesitate to do: part ways with her husband if he ever becomes a hindrance to her passion to serve God.

To the Toulouse in France-based Ghanaian singer, it is wiser for female Gospel acts to leave their husbands who choose to obstruct what they do, than to head for eternal damnation.
She has been married for 13 years with three children. She counts herself blessed because her husband stands up fully for her Gospel music activities in terms of finance as well as being the graphic designer for the three albums she has put out so far.

“If you are the husband of a woman doing the work of God, you have no option than to lend your support for her work to flourish. After all, we are supposed to be each other’s helper.

“ I hear about Gospel singers whose husbands are not happy about what they do and some of the marriages even break up. I would always choose the work of God over my husband,” Osaah Special said.

She is in Ghana at the moment to promote her eight-track third album called No Yawa. It was recorded by Kwabe Mix in Kumasi and Dave Joy in Accra. The title track features Lilwin. Her previous albums are M’ abamu Bu Ye (2014) and Ye Su Fre Wo (2015).

“The Bible says each person will account for his or her life on this earth. You may be my husband but it does not mean you will account for my life. If I’m worshipping my God and you are stopping me, I’ll decide to choose God and leave you.

“If your husband doesn’t agree for you to go to God’s house, then he has to go away for you to go and worship your God since you are not planning to go to hell.

“ After all, the Bible says in Matthew 5:30 that ‘if your right hand causes you to stumble, cut it off and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to go hell”, she stated.

Osaah Special’s No Yawa is a danceable track rendered in Twi and English. The basic message in it is that there is no challenge too big for God to handle so Christians must always hold on to their faith.

“Some people have been asking why I featured Lilwin on the track. He is a good performer who has recorded Gospel tracks of late so he is part of the Gospel music system,” the France-based singer said.

Other tracks on the No Yawa album which will be launched in December include Me Mpodam, Adee No Adane, Elohim, Soma Wo Abofoo and Asenda.

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