May 11, 2021

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Kofi Peprah reveals the story behind his ‘Big God’ song

Music of Tuesday, 27 April 2021

Source: e.TV Ghana

Kofi Owusu Peprah, gospel minister

Kofi Owusu Peprah, an emerging gospel minister and son of legendary Rev. George Owusu Mensah (Rops) has shared how his song ‘Big God’ grew after he found favor with Sonnie Badu.

Interviewed on Happy98.9FM’s Showbiz Xtra, he narrated to host, Dr. Cann how things kickstarted when he attended one of Sonnie Badu’s programmes and met face to face with the gospel minister.

“When he saw me, he said he loves the way I remixed my dad’s song and that he would love for his child to do same with his songs some day so from there, I had that favor and connection with him”, Kofi Peprah disclosed.

According to him, the song ‘Big God’ was put together at Sonnie Badu’s programme within a timeframe of about ten minutes only.

“It’s a song I had already written and I wanted to record it as a slow song but when we met at his programme, it happened that we had to play a song like ‘Wonder God’ so I sat with my friends and we put everything together”, said the artiste.

Kofi revealed that since that performance, he is now privileged to know Sonnie Badu personally and he has the opportunity to call him and work with him on any day.

Kofi Owusu Peprah released a remix of his father’s song ‘Matwen Ewurade Anim’ and he titles it ‘The Father’s Gift’ (M’atwen 20). He is gospel musician on his own and also works with Joe Mettle as a backing vocalist.

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