March 03, 2021

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Ko-Jo Cue announces date for the maiden ‘For My Brothers Concert’

Music of Wednesday, 13 January 2021


Ko-Jo Cue’s For My Brothers concert is scheduled for 6th February 2021

Ghanaian rapper Ko-Jo Cue has announced the date for the maiden edition of the ‘For My Brothers’ Concert.

After weeks of teasing fans with a concert, Ko-Jo Cue took to social media to announce 8th February as the day for the concert.

The concert will be held at Alliance Francaise Accra with fans.

In 2019, the rapper released his highly-rated debut album titled ‘For My Brothers’. To celebrate 1 year of the album, Ko-Jo Cue in collaboration with ripe released a one-year anniversary merchandizing.

The album had songs such as Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Wonsa Be ka, & Workaholics Anonymous.

Ko-Jo Cue was a guest on Check Your DM hosted by Tony and Helen on the episode dubbed Heartbreaks, BDSM & Being a Better Ally.

They finding love on BBM, heartbreaks, BDSM, being a better ally, and how societal standards can’t just be dismantled with a thread, or two.

Listen to full episode here:

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