February 28, 2021

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Jonah Chukwu Orji is nurturing young, vibrant Ghanaian and Nigerian artists

Music of Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Source: museafrica.com

Nigerian Music Executive, Jonah Chukwu Orji

To succeed in any industry, young people need the guidance of a mentor or an experienced hand.

Meet Jonah Chukwu Orji, a Nigerian Music Executive nurturing young and vibrant artists in Ghana, Nigeria, and the African continent.

In 2018, Orji founded Audience Attention Management, a talent management and entertainment company to develop African music talents.

In 2019, the company signed its first artist, HBee, a fast-growing Afrobeats singer and songwriter.

“I am finally realizing the company has its own culture that people are identifying with. I knew what I wanted to build…The idea of what I could do increased over time, but I knew I wanted to build a great business,” shared Orji about the growth of the company.

Although AA Management now has found its footing, Orji admits he had a tough time getting the company to where it is now.

It faced financial instability in the early stages.

“The biggest hurdles I faced during my company rise were downtimes. There are always ups and downs, but when you hit the downtimes early on, it’s just like, damn, is this really going to work?

A lot of our initial successes were people buying into the potential of the company. I got a lot of things we weren’t supposed to get because people believed in what we had.”

Setbacks aside, he is focused on cultivating the best talents that will add value to the Afrobeat culture: “We’re about building fresh careers from the ground up. I definitely think we’re doing what we set out to do.”

AA management is a collective of smart minds, thoughts, and ideas. It is also aiming to be a global company, 100-percent black-owned talent management company, artist development, and entertainment company, discloses Orji.

He is focused on turning AA management into the next music mecca and broadening the company’s offerings, beginning with an expansion into film and merch.

Orji stressed that the AA Management team is ready to build on their momentum for as long as everybody they work with is willing to put in the work.

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