March 30, 2023

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Jackie Appiah Explains Why She Cannot Speak Twi

The actress who hails from the Ashanti Region revealed that due to where she was brought up and the kind of job she does, many see her to be someone who has lost touch with her local dialect.

Jackie claims that she does understand every word in the Akan language and can quote a number of proverbs to back her claims but the only issue is that she is not fluent when it comes to delivery.

“I can speak twi, I understand but I’m not able to flow as others do, maybe due to my upbringing. I have a Canadian background so that could be one of the reasons.”, she explained.

She also said that her situation was not alleviated by the fact that she works mainly with people who communicated with her in only English.

“Another is that I mingle with people who speak English and that also is not helping me but don’t worry I know my roots.

For all you know, I might produce a twi movie one of these days,” she said in an interview with Highlifetoday.

We don’t know what prompted the mother of one and former ambassador of telecommunication network Glo to make such revelations, but we can only hope that she gets better in her birth language.

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