April 21, 2021

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It’s okay to set chastity as your new year resolution- Singer advises

Entertainment of Thursday, 14 January 2021

Source: e.TV Ghana

Zakia Kunge appeared on Girl Vibes show which airs on eTV Ghana

Ghanaian singer, Zakia Kunge, has declared that it is okay for one to decide on chastity as their resolution for a new year.

Interviewed by the Ekumfi Princess Mercy Bee on the award-winning Girl Vibes show which airs on eTV Ghana, she noted that new year resolutions can cut across any aspect of one’s life, therefore, as sex and love life is also an important aspect of life, it totally makes sense if someone wants to make chastity their new year resolution.

“In our society, we don’t talk about these things and we pretend it doesn’t happen but someone can decide that for whatever reason, they want to stay chaste and avoid intimacy so that they can focus and that’s good.

Psychologists will tell you that sometimes, staying away from a relationship might give you that freedom of mind to focus so if someone wants to dedicate their time to growing in their career or getting a job, they might decide they don’t want to have a relationship”, she said.

According to her, relationship in itself is a job on its own because it is a whole process of getting to know another person, hence for anyone who feels that they are at a stage in their life where they want to stay chaste so that they can focus on themselves in other aspects, they should feel free to do so and others must respect that decision.

She made an instance with Kidi who posted on social media on the 31st of December that he has successfully been celibate throughout the year and opined that the Sugar daddy’s decision to be celibate may have been the reason for his many hit songs since he channeled all his energy and focus on his work and not his sex life.

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