June 09, 2023

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Is It Good For Parents To Talk To Teenagers About Sex?

Lessons To Teach Your Teen About Sex
Lesson One
Just as you sat with your toddler (or maybe not), and watched Elmo and friends shamelessly talk about the basics of potty training, you should sit with your teen and shamelessly talk about the basics of sex. From sexual attraction, to arousal, to fore play and intercourse.

his difficult and needful conversation has to cover not just sex, but the science behind it. From the differences between the male and female genitalia, to what changes to expect during puberty , pregnancy and sexual transmitted infections.

Lesson Two
So you have gone over the bells and whistles of sex and it’s consequences with your teen, now what? Protection. That’s right, go ahead; talk about the use of a condom and it’s researched statistics, as well as the use of birth control. Condoms if used correctly, will work a hundred percent of the time and ninety-eight percent of time when you account for human error. Then there is the science and timing of birth control pills, explain to your son or daughter what happens if one pill is missed, and the success rate even if the pills are taken on a consistent basis.

Lesson Three
This is the most important lesson of all, as it has to do with the “what if” scenarios. What if your daughter gets pregnant? What if your son gets a sexual transmitted infection, or becomes a father? The focus of this lesson is to teach your teen, that nothing is guaranteed or set in stone, and that their daily choices could trigger a number of infinite possibilities. As a responsible parent, your “what if” response should be tailored towards supporting your teen, but not enabling or bailing them out of trouble.


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