March 26, 2023

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Introduce behavioral courses – Hamid to CIMG

Government has charged the Chartered Institute of Marketing Ghana (CIMG) to make a conscious effort to help weed out indiscipline amongst the youth by investing in courses that seek to revive morality in society.

The Minister of Information, Mustapha Hamid, said such a move by the marketers will contribute to a proper behavioral change for the development of the country.

Speaking at CIMG’s annual marketing strategic conference on the theme: “Course-Related Marketing: A Panacea for National Behavioural Change,” Mr Hamid admonished the professional association to associate with programmes that would project a positive image for the country.

In a related development, Mr Hamid said government will soon launch a campaign aimed at arresting moral decadence and promoting discipline and nationalism among the citizenry.

According to him, unethical behaviours undermine national development, hence, the need to tackle them head-on, adding that the development of the country is largely dependent on good ethical values.

Speaking to Class News on the sidelines of a public lecture at the Islamic University College on the topic, “Who and What must I believe? Reflections on life, Politics and Religion’’, the minister expressed optimism that the yet-to-be rolled out campaign will help arrest the wanton dissipation of national resources.

He said: “Ethics, for me, is the rightness and wrongness of human conduct and, therefore, if we do not have codes of ethics that guide us to do what is right which will inure to the development of our country, for example we are always talking about lateness to work, corruption, people who steal from the work place, these are all things that undermine the national development efforts and they are ethical issues.

“Very soon we are going to roll out what we call the values campaign. Values are also like moral issues and ethical issues. For example, we are developing campaigns around punctuality, around issues of corruption and etc., so we plan to do it and its going to be a massive public education on radio and TV and so on to remind us that we need to be ethical.”


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