February 27, 2021

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I looked up to DJ Black to better my craft – DJ Vyrusky

Entertainment of Sunday, 24 January 2021

Source: Doreen Avio, Contributor

Award-winning Disk Jockey, DJ Vyrusky has revealed that he had always looked up to his senior in the game, Joy FM’s DJ Black to master the craft of DJing.

DJ Vyrusky said he had always had respect for DJ black and his way of DJing.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Doreen Avio on Let’s Talk Showbiz on JoyNews, DJ Vyrusky said he had to rehearse a lot, learn new things to get to where he is now, and acquire more skills.

“I wanted to make it. I used to rehearse every time, learn new things and do new stuff because I wanted to be on top. And I always looked up to people like DJ Black. I wasn’t about how to overtake DJ Black, but how do I get to his level, because I respect everybody that works with DJ Black. But then, a spade is a spade, he was ahead of everybody,” he told Doreen Avio.

DJ Vyrusky also revealed that he had to reject some job offers to focus on what he had started in school.

“Back home, I was supposed to be a corporate worker, and I said no to a couple of companies after school. So then now, my parents expect me to make it from what I want to do, that is DJing. I did not say ‘No’ to these companies because I wanted to be a DJ. No, it was because I wanted to work with Echo House because I believed in a dream I started with the people on Campus. So I just wanted to see this dream come true and was not willing to let it go. So it was not even about being a DJ, it was because I wanted Echo House to get to where it is now. There was pressure on me by my parents to make it, because you have the easy way, No! you said you want to become a DJ.”

He further said his mother used to call him a “Spinner” because she knew He did not like that term.

DJ Vyrusky has won lots of awards including the Overall DJ of the year 3 times at the Ghana DJ Awards. DJ Vyrusky was also picked as the artiste DJ for Shatta Wale in early 2016 and toured with the artiste on his UK Tour. He has many hits in the Ghana music industry.

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