April 21, 2021

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How to identify an abusive personality – Gender Activist reveals

LifeStyle of Friday, 19 March 2021

Source: e.TV Ghana

Martina Akusika Mensah was a guest on the African Women’s Voices show on eTV

Most people define a person based on the first appearance or a character the person exhibits and sometimes this can be very deceptive.

Martina Akusika Mensah a Lawyer, Gender Activist and entrepreneur has advised people who try to identify an abusive person by their character to put a stop to it.

She insists this goes beyond the person’s appearance or character.

In an interview with Eunice Tornyi on e.TV Ghana’s African Women’s Voices she stated, “To identify an abusive personality, sometimes it’s not written on the person’s face. Although the character of the person plays a role, it is always not the case”.

Citing an example she said, “Someone might look very calm and quiet in the face but might be a liar. There are also people you might see as aggressive but are not necessarily abusers so a lot of things come to play when it comes to identifying an abuser”.

She furthered that, people should not only consider the surface and conclude. But rather look at the person in a whole and also consider the person’s conduct. “Because even the law likes to look at the conduct of people before calling them abusive. If your conduct is inherently depicting how you treat me then it tells who you are”.

She however advised people to critically analyze the conduct and how they are being treated before concluding whether whoever they are dealing with is an abusive person or not.

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