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How lovers turned up for the night on Val’s Day

Entertainment of Saturday, 15 February 2020

Source: www.ghanaweb.com

play videoMusic could be heard from every corner of the street

Love they say is not about having time but making time for those you love. As part of Valentines Day celebrations, love birds trooped into the various restaurants, pubs, clubs to climax the day with a romantic hangout.

GhanaWeb paid a visit to some popular hangouts in the capital of Accra to experience the nightlife on Val’s Day. When the team got to Osu, one of the biggest and busiest centres in Accra, the place was alive at about 7:00 pm.

Music could be heard from every corner of the street. We interacted with some love birds who were hoping to have the fun of their lives. Our camera’s caught up with our first couple on Oxford Street who were out on their first Val’s Day dinner.

“I am coming to have fun with my wife. I’ve spent many years with her, this is our first time coming out on Val’s Day,” says a man who wanted to express his love to his wife.

There are several options to make your Valentine’s Day a memorable one. However, having your partner to yourself on the day has proven to be the surest way to know that he or she truly belongs to you.

Some persons will not accept any excuse from their partners on reasons why they cannot be present on the day. Regardless of your work schedule, one must find time to make it up to their partner.

“My girlfriend is in the house, today is Val’s day maybe she has another boyfriend so she’s with him. I don’t trust girls, I don’t think she’ll be waiting for me at home. I am very concentrated on my business, not the girl,” says a kebab seller on the streets of Osu.

Speaking to some traders, they confessed that business was good as many people were in town on the day.

There was an increase in the sale of alcoholic drinks, meat, food, hampers among others.

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