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Happy FM holds 14th edition of its Valentine Mass Wedding

Entertainment of Saturday, 15 February 2020

Source: Happy FM

The Happy 98.9FM’s Valentine’s Day Mass Wedding is a community investment program

Happy 98.9FM put smiles on the faces of 14 couples at the 14th edition of it’s Valentine’s Day Mass Wedding in Accra.

The activity brought about much excitement and was the highlight of valentine’s day celebration in Ghana Accra.

The Happy 98.9FM’s Valentine’s Day Mass Wedding is a community investment program organized by Happy FM annually is an all-expense paid wedding ceremony which seeks to help couples to bless their marriage.

In doing this, Happy FM takes the responsibility for organizing the event, as well as provide all the necessary resources needed for the event.

Tensions drew on the faces of the grooms whilst they waited for their brides was to be expected.

However, Minister Nana Agyeman’s performance broke the ice after the grooms were seated. With the audience adjusting their dancing shoes to rock the auditorium. Grooms could also not remain seated. Feeling quite comfortable they joined in the dancing.

The wedding procession was something to die for. Other females in the auditorium were drooling and wished to get married there and then. The ceremony truly whets their appetites.

CEO of Global Media Alliance, Ernest Boateng was fascinated by the level of excitement portrayed by family and friends of the couples that he expressed: “Love and marriage are like chariots and horses. One cannot be drawn without the other. I could really tell that the wind of love was blown from all sides as friends, family and the couples display their love”.

Gifty Adorye was present to perform some of her groundbreaking and uplifting songs. She moved not only brides but the entire auditorium unto their feet.

Emmanuel Ayeh a colleague and friend of the couple, Michael Ekufful & Mavis Larbi commenting on the sidelines revealed, ” I am quite impressed by the event. I was really wowed. The Happy FM Valentine’s Day Mass Wedding has truly lived to my expectations. I am definitely hopping on the train next year”.

Programs Manager for Happy FM, Emmanuel Akrumah was enthused by the turn out at the event. He said:

“The number of people at the event confirms one thing; Happy FM’s commitment to the community is felt and appreciated by many. It is an honour to have all these people support our initiative. We will continue bringing the best to our community”.

He further expressed his gratitude to all those who supported the event with their presence.

“This year’s Valentine’s Day falls on a working day and as such, we were not expecting many people, but the numbers were overwhelming. I wish to express my gratitude to everyone who made time to join us today”, he added.

Sponsors of this year’s event include; Erata Hotel, Nkulenu Foods, A E House of Suit, Cleaver House, Lizzy Tomato Mix, Best Western Plus Hotel, National Theatre, Aliqua Fashion, 2nd Image, Anointed Lady, Perception Management International, Artist Pizza.

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