April 22, 2021

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GOC Elections: Bawa Fuseini gives reason for contesting deputy General Secretary position

Sports News of Thursday, 11 March 2021

Source: Happy 98.9FM

President for the Ghana Triathlon Association, Bawa Fuseini

The President for the Ghana Triathlon Association, Bawa Fuseini, says he intends to learn more from the administration thus his reason for opting to vie for the deputy General Secretary position at the Ghana Olympic Committee (GOC) in the upcoming election.

The Ghana Olympic Committee elections comes off on 15th March 2021 and all aspirants are sharing their ideas and plans on why they deserve to be voted for in the upcoming elections.

Bawa Fuseini, who is vying for the deputy General position said, he is ready to serve the GOC with his experience gathered so far.

Explaining why he chose to vie for the deputy General position in an interview on Happy Sports on Happy 98.9 with Ohene-Bampoe Brenya, he said, “I don’t want to rush because I have little knowledge about the administration so I intend to learn more that is why I am going for the Deputy General Secretary position.

“I have gained lot of experience and I think is time to serve the GOC. I am someone who can work with everybody regardless of our views or differences.

I’m not afraid of contesting Ahmed, I will beat him hands down.

Bawa added: We don’t need partisan politics to influence who will win the election. The International body frowns on partisan politics.

The General Secretary for the Ghana Athletics Association says he is confident on getting about 40 votes in the elections.

Bawa Fusieni is competing with Ghana Weightlifting President Hon. Jerry Ahmed Sheib for the position in the upcoming elections.

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