March 29, 2023

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Ghana’s next budget to include cyber security

Ghana’s budget for next year is expected to have some new comers on its list of items for funding allocation – specifically, cyber security.

This is based on a growing level of importance placed on cyber security following the recent cyber-attacks on various government establishments around the world coupled with Ghana government’s recent huge investments in technology-based systems such as the paperless port system, electronic identification system and more recently, the introduction of the long awaiting digital addressing system in the country.

Hence, the need for the administration to make this largely new area in the national economy one of its priorities in the anticipated 2018 budget.

National Cyber Security advisor to the President, Albert Antwi-Boasiako in a media interaction noted that it had become critical for the government to give needed attention to the growing threat of cyber-attacks.

Mr Boasiako pointed out that with the launch of the digital address system, it would become very difficult for criminal elements in the country to have a safe hide-out hence, the system is sure to become a target for possible cyber-attacks in an effort to limit its capacity for promoting a higher level of national security in the country.

Earlier, the Deputy Minister of Communications – Vincent Odotei-Sowah had launched the Cyber Security week in Accra: an event that was aimed at creating a greater level of public awareness on cyber security.


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