June 03, 2023

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Ghanaian Authorities Should Consider Legalisaing Indian Hemp If – Bastie Samir

Undefeated Ghanaian boxer, Bastie Samir, who recently defeated Bukom Banku has said Ghanaian authorities should consider legalisaing Indian Hemp (Weed) if that will not be a problem for the country.

When asked for his view on calls for legalisation of ‘weed’ in Ghana, Batie told Accra FM in an interview that: “If Ghanaians want ‘wee’ to be legalized, why not? It should be legalised for them. If the legalisation will not disturb the country why not? It can be considered.”

He further dispelled allegations from some quarters that he relies on ‘weed’ for strength and energy in his boxing career.

“I give praise and thanks to God for the victory against Bukom Banku. With God’s help I will continue with my profession and win more fights.

“I worked hard for this fight and fulfilled the promises I made to my fans and, so, I was very happy with the outcome.

“I have seen ‘weed’ before but I have never smoked weed. I am very much disciplined because I am a sports man, I cannot do certain things that will weaken me.”


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